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​How to Write For The Next Generation
Recently, I had begun teaching Alzheimer and Dementia patients to write down their memories. In essence, to write for the next generation. 

Many people have asked for practical help in starting a blog or in getting on the social networks. I can personally help inspire, instruct and speak to a variety of groups and ages, giving them practical help, and pointing them to the free resources available to continue their learning as they seek to influence the next generation or to be politically influential via blogging, social networking, or even journaling. Read more here. 

I work for an honorarium, plus travel expenses if out of my hometown area. I also have a new service to work with individuals. See above link. 
Sometimes Life is Upside Down
Life is upside down for many people. My blog reflects the thoughts and feelings of this viewpoint. I also review books and novels here. Click on the image to the right to go to my blog. 
TRC Magazine
I wanted to create a magazine that would show a Christian's life from all angles. We publish quarterly. This is an evolving project. Become a donor and be listed on a donor page. TRC Magazine accepts donations. We are not a non-profit. In exchange of your donation, we will either post a high-quality graphic advertisement on our donation page or a text with a thank you. Each advertisement goes month per month. Click here to read more. 
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My blog, Life Upside Down, is ending in 2015. I am building a new missions organization called, "Cataclysm Missions International." You can read more about it here